About d7 Property Services

About d7 Property Services

d7 Property Services is owned by Mr Raymond Fegan.

Image showing a digger

Over the past 18 years Raymond has progressed up through the construction industry from his joinery background. Firstly as Site Engineer, working at the famous Europa Hotel (Belfast); this project had a construction value of £5million which consisted of the extension of 56 bedrooms on top of the third floor roof! – The project was a great success.

Following this he was promoted to Site Foreman on a £12million project in Dublin (Department Of Education). A string of successful projects soon led to yet another promotion to Site Manager.

He was Site Manager and Construction Planner for a number of years on very prestige projects. These included a 5,000 acre site in Scotland. He then constructed a number of offices, housing sites and factories across Northern Ireland.

Following this Mr Fegan was offered the ultimate responsibility of Contracts Manager. Responsible for large scale projects with normally a combined value of approx. £25million at any one time. Following 2 years in this position Mr Fegan discovered that there was a great need from business owners to have a ‘one stop shop’ for all their property requirements.

Therefore following 16 years of fast track construction at all levels he knew that businesses could benefit from his services and he could save business owners a lot of money.

d7 Property Services was created at a time when most businesses was feeling great financial strain due to the shocking news of a world recession looming.

Mr Fegan knew that he could offer so many solutions to business owners who clearly had not the time to ensure there property and equipment was sustainable.

The main objective has been very successful in simplifying the process for business owners who have used our services. d7 Property Services can easily accommodate diversity with business levels with the 7 key support services provided.