Construction by d7 Property Services

Construction by d7 Property Services

d7 Property Services are a trusted and respected family building company, we can provide a 10 year warranty on any building.

Image displaying underfloor heating being installed

Where d7 Property Services differ from other builders is in our desire to work with your individual needs and provide innovative, flexible solutions that add value while reducing cost.

d7 Property Services are a strong values based company and we strive to achieve our company values, integrity, customer focus and excellence through all our interactions both internally and externally.

A lot of people are opting for renewable energy installation which is great; however it is more economical to reduce the heat demand needed! Especially at new build stage.

d7 Property Services strive for smarter systems of building to improve thermal performance and reduce any energy demand. Thermal Performance targets are listed below, published by Building Control for new buildings following the success of a 40% increase in 2006:

2010 – projected further increase of 25%
2013 – projected further increase of another 25%
2016 – Passive homes – Practically no heat demand required

This information highlights that Building Control are aiming to minimise your source of energy required.

However older buildings have a greater heat loss therefore need to be improved. Again there are a wide variety of insulations but the key is how it is installed!

Acoustic improvements should also be considered depending on the nature and location of building. It is quite common practice that complaints are made to local Council in relation to noise. The Council’s are obliged to ensure that the owner of the property in which the noise is coming must rectify it immediately.

This not only is caused by public businesses but also any workplace and sometimes even domestic. If you fear that your property may not retain noise then be pro active! We can discuss the most economical way to mitigate complaints against you.

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